Student to student solutions

What are your student experience goals this semester?

Peer programs are our flagship.

When you partner with Vygo, we'll expect to see an increase in engagement and student satisfaction within our first year.

Example 1:

Launching a first year mentoring program to support transition?

Example 2:

Want to increase international student engagement with your English language conversation club?

Student success on the Vygo platform

A tailored platform

We work with your Program Coordinators to develop and deliver high-impact peer programs. We have in-built chat and video functionality to allow both on-campus and online connection.

Here are a few examples:

  • Large-scale orientation programs for students transitioning to university,

  • Credit-bearing course requirements, conversation practice volunteers,

  • Academic programs that financially compensate peer tutors or provide volunteer experience.

Seamless roll-out

Our Partner Success Team assists you with program management, including change management resources for staff, communications plans for students, mentor selection and training, reporting and more.

Student success

Vygo helps students find their ideal tutors, mentors or staff advisors based on specialisation, experience, etc. We can also provide quick-links and resources for student support and career success.

Evidence of impact

Your administrators can monitor student engagement and track program goals in real-time using Vygo’s Partner Portal. Use data to drive better student experience initiatives.

Let’s elevate your student experience

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