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What are your student experience goals this semester?

Peer programs are our flagship.

When you enhance your programs with Vygo, you can expect to see an increase in engagement and student satisfaction within the first year.

Example 1:

Launching a first year mentoring program to support transition?

Example 2:

Want to increase international student engagement with your English language conversation club?

Student success on the Vygo platform

A tailored platform

Empower your staff with the tools to create, track, and drive high-impact peer programs that enhance your university's student experience. Vygo's powerful platform offers matching, chat, video, 1:1 sessions, group events, and everything in between. Join leading universities worldwide in delivering exceptional student experiences with Vygo.

Here are a few examples:

  • Large-scale first-year mentoring programs for students transitioning to university,

  • Targeted support services for key student cohorts,

  • General and course-specific academic mentoring and tutoring programs.

Seamless roll-out

Vygo's platform is specifically designed to reduce typical change management timelines. Our Partner Success Team can assist your team in leveraging industry best practices, as well as providing access to resources for your staff, communication plans for your students, access to world-class mentor training, and much more.

Student success

With Vygo, administrators can automatically personalise support to every student, enabling them to connect with their ideal mentors, tutors, or advisors from your university. Additionally, the platform facilitates access to crucial resources and support services throughout your university's ecosystem.

Evidence of impact

Empower your administrators to monitor student engagement and key metrics in real-time, both within your program and across the wider support ecosystem of your university. By leveraging data, you can continuously enhance the student experience from one semester to the next, year on year.

Elevate your student experience

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