Buyer's Guide

Higher Education
Support Ecosystem Platform

Universities spend millions on student support services, as they recognise their support ecosystem as critical to student outcomes. But these services are disorganised and underperforming. Use this guide to ensure your support ecosystem is being digitally enabled to deliver an exceptional experience for students and staff.
From tutors, mentors, advisors, coaches and alumni, organise & digitally enable your support ecosystem to ensure your students are tapping into the support they need
Empower your staff to create & manage industry leading student support services that are efficient, scalable and driven by real-time data and insights.
Integrate your student support services to ensure a simple, safe and compliant student experience, while reducing tech platform bloat.
Support Ecosystem Platforms should simplify & personalise every students unique journey

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As institutions combat student retention, experience and outcome challenges, use this guide as a resource to connect students to the support they need and ensure you’re giving every student an equal opportunity to succeed.