Industry to student

Is graduate employability a priority for your institution? Are you leveraging your incredible alumni network?

We can connect your students with your accomplished alumni network and upskill your students for their future careers.

With our platform, you can enable your students to connect with inspiring professional mentors or your career advisors to guide them along their career paths. Sessions can be conducted on-campus or online with inbuilt chat and video functionality.

Student Success on the Vygo Platform

A tailored platform

We work with your Program Coordinators to build and roll-out scalable and career-building mentorship programs. Our software enables mentors and students to connect safely and meaningfully online, without exchanging personal details. You can host programs based on faculty, research interests or any other specification, so that students match with a perfect mentor.

Seamless roll-out

Our Partner Success Team assists you with program management, including change management resources for staff, communications plans for students, mentor selection and training, reporting and more.

Student success

Vygo helps students unlock possibilities by matching them with inspirational mentors or career advisors on campus or online.

Students can match with their perfect mentor based on specialisation, experience, etc. We can also provide quick-links and resources for student support and career success.

Evidence of impact

Your administrators can monitor student engagement and track program goals in real-time using Vygo’s Partner Portal. Use data to drive better student experience initiatives.

Let’s elevate your student experience

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