Give every student personalised support

Whether it's on-campus or online, make your academic, personal & professional student support programs in your ecosystem more impactful, flexible & manageable.

The new standard for student experience

There’s no such thing as the cookie-cutter student. So how do you deliver value-adding support to each individual, at scale, and within budget? Vygo puts personalised support at the finger tips of every student. We relieve the administrative burden for program administrators, and provide real-time insights into the impact of your student support initiatives. Universities across the USA, Australia & the UK use Vygo to power diverse student experience initiatives, from mental health support to mentoring programs for nursing students.

Our solutions

Student to student

Make academic & personal mentoring manageable for your staff, & meaningful for your students.

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Industry to student

Connect your students with your accomplished alumni network and upskill your students for their future careers.

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Staff to student

Whether it's coaches, advisors or admin, host your support team on the platform to reduce admin burden and give students a one-stop-shop for support.

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Elevate your
Student Experience