The Vygo Champions Coffee Podcast

Celebrating Champions

A podcast series of live coffee conversations between Ben Hallett (CEO/Co-Founder, Vygo) and educational professionals who are championing students achieve their best outcomes.

Episode 14
Prof. Belinda Tynan, DVC-E & VP, RMIT

Episode 13
Jodie Davis, Student Engagement, University of Newcastle

Episode 12
Alexandra Elibank Murray, Federation University

Episode 11
Cheryl Burgess, Transition & Success, University of Newcastle

Episode 10
Tanya Rutherford, CEO & Founder, Learn Grow Become

Episode 9
Jessica Luquin, Team Lead Peer Support, UNSW

Episode 8
Coming Soon

Episode 7
Ian Dunn, Provost, Coventry University Group

Episode 6
Georgia Baker, University of Queensland

Episode 5
Matt Hoskins, Griffith Uni GC Student Guild

Episode 4
Kerry Valentine, Laureate International Universities (ANZ)

Episode 3
Emeritus Professor Beverley Oliver

Episode 2
Liam Kenna, Uni of Adelaide, Executive Officer IRES

Episode 1
Joel DiTrapani, COO & Founder of Vygo

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