The Vygo Champions Coffee Podcast

Celebrating Champions

A podcast series of live coffee conversations between Ben Hallett (CEO/Co-Founder, Vygo) and educational professionals who are championing students achieve their best outcomes.

Episode 13
Jodie Davis, Student Engagement, University of Newcastle

Episode 12
Alexandra Elibank Murray, Federation University

Episode 11
Cheryl Burgess, Transition & Success, University of Newcastle

Episode 10
Tanya Rutherford, CEO & Founder, Learn Grow Become

Episode 9
Jessica Luquin, Team Lead Peer Support, UNSW

Episode 8
Coming Soon

Episode 7
Ian Dunn, Provost, Coventry University Group

Episode 6
Georgia Baker, University of Queensland

Episode 5
Matt Hoskins, Griffith Uni GC Student Guild

Episode 4
Kerry Valentine, Laureate International Universities (ANZ)

Episode 3
Emeritus Professor Beverley Oliver

Episode 2
Liam Kenna, Uni of Adelaide, Executive Officer IRES

Episode 1
Joel DiTrapani, COO & Founder of Vygo

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