Students need support more than ever.

The global pandemic has significantly impacted students around the world, with the potential to leave lifelong effects on their lives. We're making a public commitment that, with our partners, we will Champion 1 million of the students impacted by Covid.

How will we measure this?

We will measure this:

  • Every time a unique student successfully engages with a "Champion" at their institution; and

  • When a student is given the training and responsibility to mentor ("Champion") someone else. Did you know that Vygo is funding a side project called The Mentor Academy? The Mentor Academy is world's best online mentor training for university students. The training is freely available for education institutions around the globe For more information visit

Who is a "Champion"?

"Champion" is the collective word Vygo uses for all of the support personnel that an education institution makes available for its students and staff. These champions could be everyone from peer tutors, peer mentors, staff advisors, alumni, industry professionals, counsellors and everyone in between. We use the word "Champion" because we believe that these people change lives and need to be celebrated.

How can you be involved?

If you believe in this mission you can help us by sharing the message or joining the mission. If you're from an education institution you can get involved in two ways:

  1. Talk to us about using the Vygo Student Support Platform to connect your students to your Champions.

  2. Give your students the skills and training to mentor other students via The Mentor Academy (Free). The Mentor Academy is a freely available online mentoring training which Vygo is funding and building with a council of academics from around the globe. For more information visit

Join us on this mission

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